Trent (left) & Ryan enjoying star wars celebration 2015.

Trent (left) & Ryan enjoying star wars celebration 2015.

A bit about us

Trent and I have been friends for over a decade and have always shared a passion for all things nerdy. We have somewhat of an interesting, overlapping venn diagram of nerdy interests, as is likely true for most nerdy friends. I mostly prefer games that have an ending and a big focus on story such as Action/Adventure games, RPGs, and FPSs. Trent, on the other hand, tends to like games that he can play for months post-launch and enjoy with friends such as MMOs, MOBAs, and Survival games. Trent loves novels while I stick mainly to comics. We definitely cross over and have shared passions, and you’ll see those emerge going forward. We also have a habit of making each other try out our new favorite games or interests. I dragged Trent through the original Halo trilogy in college and allowed him, reluctantly, to pull me into World of Warcraft for a short time.

We both share a desire for a creative outlet online and to interact with others of similar interests, so we decided to revive Brief Nerdity together. We plan to release a podcast every Monday night, write content to the blog here on the site, make YouTube videos, and more, with new content every week. You may also see us streaming on Twitch every now and then, but that’s new to us so we’ll have to see how that goes.

Trent and I want to be genuine as we produce content. If people happen to enjoy watching, reading, and listening to us and our opinions, it’s an added bonus. We also don’t plan to be alone in everything we do here. We already have friends in mind who will be helping us out in creating content, and we want to encourage our community to be actively involved. If you like our opinions and our take on things, or if you disagree with us, tell us about it. We want to hear from you.

Check back with the site often. All of our content will be shared here as a central ‘base of operations’ if you will, and be sure to follow the links to your social media platform of choice and follow us there. Thanks for reading!

- Ryan