BN Podcast 63 - Finale

Ryan and Trent reminisce about past episodes of Brief Nerdity as they decide to close out this run of the Brief Nerdity Podcast. They also touch on some current topics such as Microsoft Game Pass, Ryan's favorite YouTubers, Arrowverse, Black Lightning, and a few others. We want to give a huge thanks to all of our listeners and the cohosts that have joined us over the last year. We had a great time and couldn't have done it without you.

BN Podcast 57 - Nether Wood

Trent, Erik, and Ben S. talk about most anticipated nerdy things of 2018, Skyfactory 3 Minecraft, Eternal, Ark Aberration, Jumanji, Blacklist, DragonBall Super, Bright, Franchises and should they end, question for the listners: know any good free or public domain movies worth seeing, and listener questions like when did nerdy things become so accepted and what do you think or want the next Video Game trend to be? All of that and more, tune in and join the discussion.

BN Podcast 56 - Anticipation 2018

Ryan and Trent talk about their nerdy New Years Resolution, ARK: Aberration, The Sexy Brutale, Red vs. Blue, Marvel's Runaways and movies and games to look forward to in 2018 such as A Way Out, Anthem, Days Gone, Detroit: Become Human, Far Cry 5, and other video games, as well as, Avengers Infinity War, Solo: A Star Wars Movie, Black Panther, Ocean's 8, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, The Predator, and more!

BN Podcast 49 - Maybe Disney Will Buy Us

Ryan, TJ, and Trent talk about the new Star Wars Trilogy and Live-action TV show announcement, Mario Odyssey, World of Warcraft, Destiny 2, Wolfenstein, The Switch, Xbox One X and the future of 'next gen' consoles, the voice actor strike's resolution, Ninja Turtles in Injustice, Disney's streaming service, The Punisher's good reviews, Murder on the Orient Express, games to play with your family during the holidays, and more!